our staff

Our staff is here to train, love and care for your child. The teachers strive to provide a Christian atmosphere of love that comes from their own personal relationship to Christ, along with a developmentally sound curriculum. All staff members are required to complete Child Protection training and national background checks and we always have staff on campus who are trained in infant/child CPR. We have a wonderful, dedicated staff that has more than 100 years combined staff experience working with preschool age children.

1A & 1B Infants/12-17 mo/18-24 mo Patsy Sutler (Lead)
Audrey Mobley
1C 18-24 mo Brenda Tellefsen (Lead)
Emily Hardee
2A 2-year-olds Liz Jarrard (Lead)
2B 2-year-olds Rosalind Banks (Lead)
Caroline Border
2C 2-year-olds Nancy Coward (Lead)
Kate McCallum
2D 2-year-olds  (Lead)
3A 3-year-olds Lori Baney (Lead)
Luz Rodriquez
3B 3-year-olds  (Lead)
Karen Hyde
3C 3-year-olds Kim McCuen (Lead)
Wynne Schenck
3D 3-year-olds Brenda Tellefsen  (Lead)
Emily Hardee
4A 4-year-olds Lauren Vicars (Lead)
4B 4-year-olds Aimee O’Keefe (Lead)
Ashley Hance
4C 4-year-olds Julie Porter  (Lead)
Celia Wells
4D 4-year-olds Nancy Linch (Lead)
Carol Morris
Robin Goldston (Fridays)
5A Kindergarten Michelle Page (Lead)
Tara Duke  (MTTTHF)
Katie Lucy (MWF)
SPANISH 4K and 5K Luz Rodriquez
MUSIC Tracie Collins
ART Ann Schwartz (W)
Lori Baney (TTH)